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When you received data from The List Wiz, it can be imported into any application you use to manage your clients and data. Please see below for the download instructions on some standard information management and word processing programs. If you do not see the program you use, please contact The List Wiz using our toll-free phone number (800 352 2282) or by sending an e-mail to
Word XP (labels)
WordPerfect (labels)
Please note that these instructions are provided for reference purposes only. Although The List Wiz can assist you in importing your data, we are not certified experts on each of the above named programs. If a problem arises that we cannot solve we may ask you to contact the respective application's technical support department for further guidance on issues beyond our qualifications.
Using WinZip
To make our electronically transmitted data faster and more efficient, The List Wiz compresses and bundles it into a ‘zip’ file. The Zip format is the most popular compression format used in the Windows environment. To access the files in a Zip file, you need a compression utility such as
If this program is not already on your computer, you can download it
After you have installed WinZip,
you can open a Zip file by double clicking it in your e-mail attachment or Explorer window or by starting WinZip and choosing
Unzip or install from an existing Zip file
in the WinZip Wizard. If the WinZip Wizard
does not open by default when you start WinZip, just click the Wizard button in the toolbar). The WinZip Wizard will guide you through the process of unzipping your file.
Formatting Spreadsheets
Microsoft Excel and other similar spreadsheet software, will display the columns at the same defaulted width, regardless of the length of information placed within the column. The programs also display the information either as text or numerals.

These defaults can make your data appear odd and unreadable. By simply adjusting the column’s formatting, you can transform the information into understandable and usable data.
• Phone Numbers
1. Click on the letter at the top of the columns you wish to widen,.
-- spreadsheets regard all numbers equally, whether they are phone number or numbers used in a mathematical calculation. So the phone number 800 352 2282 is actually being regarded as 8,003,522,282. In addition, the number is wider than the columns’ defaulted width, so the spreadsheet can't display it properly. As a result, scientific notation, is used to shorten the display making the number look something like 8.00E+09
• Zip Codes
-- Zip codes beginning with a zero may be displayed with only 4 numbers instead of 5. As spreadsheets regard all numbers equally, they figure it's improper to display a zero at the beginning of a number.
1. Make sure that the name of your file ends in ".txt". If need be,
a) Delimited
b) Comma and/or Tab
c) Highlight all columns at the bottom (scroll to the right, hold down
        the shift key and click on the rightmost column) and choose
        Text for the Column Data Format. Click Finish.
4. Check to see that the zeroes are there, and save the file in Excel
Fortunately it’s an easy fix. You will need to widen the columns in order to properly display the phone number.
(to select multiple columns, hold down Shift while clicking on multiple columns)
2. Click Format/Column/Auto Fit Selection
The easiest fix for this is to import the file into Excel with all fields marked as "text".
3. An Import wizard will display. The steps are
2. Click File/Open and change the Files Of Type to "All Files".
rename the file's extension. To do this, find the file where you saved it
(usually My Documents), right click on it, and choose Rename.
Browse to the location of the file. Double-click the desired TXT file.
format (.xls).
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and we can assist you in importing your data.
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